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TicketFox Features

Next Day Funding

No need to wait days for your funds to be available. Next day funding makes quick access to funds so you can continue focusing on what matters.

Seating Charts

Sell specific seats from a custom seating chart of your venue.

Ticket Delivery Options

Purchased tickets are immediately accessible on the TicketFox platform, and additionally can be delivered over e-mail and text message so that no ticket gets lost.

Tracking And Reporting

Keep an eye on attendance by tracking live tickets sales. Type of tickets sold and revenue reporting help you anticipate and adapt.

Promo Codes

Offer special discounts for certain time period, or quantity purchases. Track sales or control tickets sold using special promo codes.

Custom Terms, Conditions And Questionnaire

Create/upload custom documents to be viewed by the customers prior to purchase or collect required information by including a questionnaire as part of the checkout process.